About us

Maritime Burnham has been formed by local residents concerned about the potential damage to the town of Burnham-on-Crouch by the proposed redevelopment of Prior’s yard for housing.

Burnham is only fifty miles from Canary Wharf, yet has maintained a great deal of its seafaring character and a historic waterfront that is largely unchanged. The current plans propose a serious threat, both to its character and to its viability as the cultural, social and entertainment centre of the Dengie peninsula.

We would like to stress that we have no animus against the Prior family, one of the first families of the town. They are good and kind people, who have been responsible employers and skilled craftsmen for generations, and have left a legacy of some of the finest yachts of the twentieth century. Their business is a pride and joy of the town. We are also extremely sympathetic to the personal problems they have been dealing with over the last few years, but we do however, feel that they are being poorly advised, and may be being drawn into something which they will later regret.

Development such as this is one-way traffic – once lost, there is no turning back: we have the example of Brightlingsea’s appalling development to stand before us as a warning.

Members of Maritime Burnham include: Clare Albon, Keith Band, Janet Dine, Frances Edwards, Ed Maggs, Tony Millwood, Alexander Price, Kati Price, Clea Rawinsky, and Helen Watson. This website is largely written by Frances Edwards and Ed Maggs, who must declare an interest, as they live at Number One the Quay, also known as The Crooked Cottage, which is a remarkable survival of a vernacular weather-boarded terrace. Please contact us with comments, advice, offers of help, or courteous expressions of dissent, at edmaggs@gmail.com.